This guide will help you configure what I think are the best GNOME extensions for the best desktop experience.

Table of Contents

Pre Install

I will be using to install extensions from. But before you can install extensions you first have to install some software.

sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell


To improve the layout of your status bar icons, you can install the following extension will will correct the spacing between the status bar icons.


Add a suspend button to the menu.

Sound I/O Selector

Extension to allow you to select input and output regarding your sound devices.


Sync your user profile picture with Gravatar.


For Wifi there are 2 very useful extension.

The disconnect extension will give the the ability to disconnect from a Wifi HotSpot.

The refresh extension adds a refresh button to the Wifi Access Point list, which allows you to refresh the list at will.


For CPU scaling and performance, consider the following extension.

You might need to disable the intel_pstate driver by adding the following to your grub settings intel_pstate=disable.